Lou is hogtied

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This is the place to be if you love tight feminine bondage. We adore the beauty of fetish clothes, strict rope work combined with subtle dominance. We love all the little details and believe that they can make everybody beautiful and sexy. We offer bondagevideos, pictures and many other bondage related things. Please support our BondageDivas, BondageSissys and BondageMistress.


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This particular night i was lend out to a unknown gentleman. The concept for the night was “The slutty hotwife”, this was the only thing i was told, so i did dress up the best i could the best i could.


Strict bondage

Red, 00.00 min.
Red is dressed in leather and bound tight.

Heels and dildopanties

Miss BondageDiva, 000 pics.
A great combo of heels, gag and a pair of dildo panties.

Bondage and hoops

Lady Skarleta: 00.00 min.
A true BondageDiva wears a pair of large hoops.

High Heels
All our Divas are trained in minimum 6 inch high heels. Flat shoes are not allowed and a true BondageDiva sleeps with her heels on!


Ball gagged
A BondageDiva will open wide and face the ball gag. Miss BondageDivas own favorite is the 2 inch ball gag. We guarantee  that the straps are tight!


Bondage Sissys
Now you can be a BondageDiva Sissy. For the right Sissy there is a chance you can be a member of The BondageDiva Household.


Lots of fetish
Leather, latex and other materials are classic fetishes. A BondageDivas fetish arsenal often includes large hoops, heavy bangles and makeup.


Miss BondageDiva

Now you can meet the real BondageDiva from our site. She is a true lifestyler and she loves anything with BDSM especially bondage and fetish.


BondageDiva on Onlyfans!

I live a authentic BDSM lifestyle i consider myself a professionel amateur. Everything regarding BDSM is turning me on, the dominance, the fetish attire and the lifestyle.
For me my Onlyfans is another way to reach my fans, slaves, sissys or any other BDSM lifestyler I know. So check it out sometimes and I will try to post unique material for your eyes only!


Tight Bondage and Ball gags

All our BondageDivas are tied in rope, but we do use leather, metal and other materials with great effect. We strive to make the bondage effective and authentic. All our ties are tight and strict, and this is what makes the bondage so beautiful on our BondageDivas.
The ball gag i an essential part of our bondage concept. The ball gag is basically used for silence however a ball gagged BondageDiva expression tells so many unspoken words. The ball gag is sexy, brutal and very feminine at the same time. The ball gag is used intensively in our bondage training of all of our BondageDivas


Slave and Sissytraining

Sign up for some hardcore Slave and Sissy-training. Miss BondageDiva is also a devoted Mistress. She loves to feminize men and use them for her pleasure. Do you dare to enter her world of Femdom and Doll-training?

Miss BondageDiva likes what she does so be prepared to please her in every possible way!


BondageDivas and High heels

We are off course devoted to beautiful women in high heels and all kinds of fetish clothes. We believe that the right pair of high heels can make everybody very sexy and even more beautiful than they already are.
A pair of high heels, it could be a pair of thigh boots or a pair of stiletto shoes, combined with tight bondage and mixed with a variety of fetish clothes will always top the day. High heels are therefor a basic item on bondagediva.dk and so all our Divas do their bondage-training in a pair of sexy and hot set of heels!


We are seeking models

We are allways seeking dependable bondage models for bondage and BDSM related video and photo shoots. BondageDIva wants to hire models who enjoy the activiteies our sites portrays. We treat the models with respect and we ourselves want the models to enjoy themselves. Please read more about our rates and other stuff you need to know.

Louisa in elbow bondage