BondageDiva Classic

This is where it all started. Beautiful and sexy girls bound in tight and strict bondage. Our focus is on the tight bondage, the clothes and the helpless look. We want to tell a little story in all what we do.


Bondage training
BondageDiva Classic is all about women in tight bondage. We do not simply call it bondage, we call it “Bondage training”. Our focus is to make the bondage a key factor in enhancing the beauty of the models we work with. The models typically spend 4-6 hours in bondage within each shoot and we gradually increase the complexity as the time progress.

Authentic bondage
All the bondage is authentic and real and done in realtime. As mentioned above, we work hard with each model and we put then in tight, strict and effect-full bondage. Our goal is to show the combined beauty of the bondage and the model.


Our Bondage style
We are heavily inspired by Betty Page and her style of bondage, however we have added our own layers to that style. We mostly use white rope because we believe that this type of rope enhances the feminine look of the models. Again all the ties are tight and authentic and we strive to make it visual appealing too.

As with the bondage we love to see beautiful women in different fetish attire. The models are dressed at the beginning of each session and they stay that way the entire day. We want them do feel comfortable in the leather, latex, nylons, lingerie, gloves and high heels. We do believe that the fetish clothes in combination with the tight bondage enhances the models beauty.


Do you want to be a model?

We are seeking all kinds of models for all of our categories.