Miss BondageDiva

Hi there, my name is Miss BondageDiva. I am THE woman on the BondageDiva Team. In the future I will model bondage, fetish and dominance setups. And finally I will have the pleasure of having the contact with our fans. So please feel free to contact me.


Why BondageDiva
I am a woman who basically just love anything about bondage. I has always as long as i can remember er liked tight bondage and ballgags and therefor it was natural for me to join the BondageDiva Team. I love all types of bondage, however rope bondage is my personal favorite. As much as i love bondage my self i love to see others get tied up as well.


Lifestyle 24/7
Bondage and fetish is a big part of me and do enjoy everyday. Sometimes i go all the way dressed in full leather and a mask other days i just wear my 6 inch heels to work. Bondage is also a part of my daily life and combined with my fetish i would say i have my mouth “full”.


Miss BondageDiva
Gender: female
Height: 179 cm with heels
Weight: 62 kg
Age: 32

High heels, boots, leather, latex, lingerie, nylons, gloves, wigs and masks.

Rope, leather straps, big metal cuffs.

All types of ballgags

As you may have noticed i have a thing for high heels, leather, makeup, jewelry, lingeri, latex and especialy hoods of all kinds. The more the better is my motto and at the same time i love to mix the styles and fetishes. Sometimes i just call my self a doll – a fetishdoll!