Sissy Divas

Everybody deserves to be a diva and we don’t care how your a made. we just love to dress you up, tie you tight and make you into a complete and utterly sexy BondageDiva

Miss BondageDiva

Sissy training
Sissy Divas is actually just Classic Divas with feminine sissies who wants to show us their diva-side, we don’t care about your gender. We think that every body deserves do be divas. We think bondage and feminization is the way yo go when we create a BondageDiva.

Sissy bondage
All the bondage, as in Classic Diva,  is authentic and real and done in realtime. As mentioned above, we work hard with each model and we put then in tight, strict and effect-full bondage. Our goal is to show the combined beauty of the bondage and the model.


As a true sissy diva, you could aspire to become one of our BondageDolls. A BondageDoll is a member of The BondageDiva Household and she could therefor attend the submissive Diva training under the wings of Miss BondageDiva.

The Diva Look
We like the enhanced fetish and glamour look with mixed elements from different fetish styles. We will for example combine leather with latex or nylons with satin. We love the more excessive look and we feel that is very sexy.


Do you want to be a model?

We are seeking all kinds of models for all of our categories.