Submissive Divas

This is our hardcore domination category. This is where all the Submissive Divas go. But can you really tell who is submissive and who is dominant. Miss BondageDiva will surely twist and turn both categories.

Miss BondageDiva

Our Style
Submissive Divas is all about domination and submission. Our focus us on the beauty in BDSM play between two or more beautiful and consenting Divas. The settings are classic situations where the mystery world of bondage, domination and submission unfolds.

Domination  and submission
All the domination and submission is authentic and real and done in realtime. As mentioned above, our focus is the beauty of BDSM between two pretty and enchanting divas.


Mistress BondageDiva
Miss BondageDiva has many roles. One of her jobs is to train an dominate the submissive Divas in the BondageDiva household and she upholds the dresscode and maintains order within the ranks of her Divas.

The BondageDiva Household
We like to have a minimum of quality in all that we do and therefor we strive to uphold a sense of pride in our work and maintain the real BondageDiva attitude in all we do. In the BondageDiva Household the heels are high, the skirts are tight and the bondage is strict.


Do you want to be a model?

We are seeking all kinds of models for all of our categories.