We are allways seeking dependable bondage models for bondage and BDSM related video and photo shoots. BondageDIva wants to hire models who enjoy the activiteies our sites portrays. We treat the models with respect and we ourselves want the models to enjoy themselves.


I want to be a model

If you want to become a bondage model and appear on you should apply for a model shoot. Be aware that the shooting is in Denmark. But we do seek models from other countries so please dont hesitate to write to us.
We seek dependable bondage models for bondage and fetish shoots. As a BondageDiva model you should like bondage or has the desire to try it out. You will be a part a unique universe and you should like to wear fetish clothes and be comfortable in front of a camera.
The bondage is genuine and 100 percent authentic. We think it is important to feel safe and have a good relationship with the models. The movies and pictures features tight and strict bondage and it is vital that you are open-minded.


Do i need experince?
It does not matter if you are inexperienced and has not done any bondage shoot before, what does matter is that you are open minded and want to try it if you have any questions about that please email us at:

How old should I be?
Our models has to be over 18+ years old. We will need documentation for your age.

Do I have to be a supermodel?
No certainly not! All you have to do is be your self. However we demand that you are clean, healthy and feel confident about your self.


We are seeking in different categories:

The Classic single bondagemodel with focus on bondage. Girlie-girls.

Female domination with two models. Girl vs. girl or Girl vs. boy.

Total bondage and domination. Boy vs. girl.

Female domination of sissies. Girl vs. sissy.

What about my personal boundaries? is a site that shows women in tight bondage and fetish clothes. If you do not like do be put in bondage and if you are not open-minded you should not apply. However if you are curious and a little nervous you are more than welcome to bring a friend or boyfriend to the photo shoots. It is important to us that you feel safe and so on.

Are you only shooting in Denmark?
Yes. It is not possible for us to do shootings outside Denmark yet, so you have to come to us if you want do be a model. We live 5 minuttes from an international airport.

Are you selling my pictures to other sites?
No! The pics we take are for only and will not be sold to other sites.


How long does the shooting take?
Usually it takes 4-5 hours, it depends of how many breaks you want or need.

I don’t want to do videos is that possible?
The short answer is no. The internet i evolving quickly and therefor video is in high demand.

Do i get paid?
Off course you do. The rates depends on the job-type and/or experince.

Do you use a contract?
Yes you can download it here

How do I apply for a model shoot?
Just fill out the form here